Pam Mandel

Pam Mandel

I'm a freelance writer.

I'm a travel writer who delivers clean copy with a strong voice and an unmistakable sense of place. I'm also fluent in technology and can explain complex topics in plain English.

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5 Ideas for a Week in Hawaii

The beach is implied. Here are a few other ways to experience the islands.

Send 'em Packing: Guidebooks as Gifts

Great books to inspire the traveler in your midst.

5 secret places in California

Go where fewer people have gone before.

The Last Jews of the Blues Highway

I knew there was history here, I just didn't expect it to be mine.

Marriott Traveler

Pack It Up: 10 Must-Have Summer Vacation Items

You've got the standards -- sunscreen, swimsuit, the right wrap. Here are the things you'll wish you'd packed.

Marriott Traveler

So Ono: Five Super Tasty Hawaiian Dishes You Have to Try

Local style Hawaiian food isn't always good for you, but it's always good.


Carnevale by Accident

Venice becomes magic on when Pam Mandel visits on a whim.

Marriott Traveler

Kauai is for the Birds: A Wildlife Refuge Docent Offers a Naturalist's ...

Kauai is for the Birds: A Wildlife Refuge Docent Of...

Southern Africa by Radio Dial

Travel writer Pam Mandel finds that turning the (virtual) dial toward today’s music from Southern Africa leads her to a wonderment that’s a journey unto itself.

San Francisco Chronicle

Plenty of pride in Seattle’s gay scene - San Francisco Chronicle

Plenty of pride in Seattle’s gay scene - San Franci...

Visit the Delta: Mississippi CVB

I wrote much of this relaunched CVB/DMO website focused on the history, culture, food, and attractions in the Mississippi Delta. Relaunch 9/26/2016

Getting the Job: Steyer and Associates

The Winding Path to My Career in Tech Writing, Content Strategy, and UX


On Walking

Writer Pam Mandel explores why walking is the fastest way to get to the heart of where you're going.


Gauchos: Argentina's Revolutionary Cowboys

In Argentina, the gaucho is more than just a cowboy, they represent a way of life that captures the essence of Argentina's identity.